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Being Ready for Unpredictability as a Leader

by Samuel
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Here are some pointers for leaders on how to maintain their composure when the world around them changes.

Be ready for change since it is inevitable.

An organization is always undergoing some kind of change, whether it be internal or external to the market. Internal changes might include everything from reorganization to new leadership, new technology, quality enhancement, new services and products, retirements and succession planning, cost-cutting initiatives, and cultural revitalization. External factors that contribute to the unstable environment include market globalization, fierce competition, and the rapid advancement of digital technology. Certain businesses, like Amazon, Google, Apple, McDonald’s, Starbucks, and Netflix, adapt and grow. Some businesses and sectors, like Kodak, retail centers, GM, AOL, and Blockbuster, have not adjusted effectively. There is no assurance that a business will weather change, and frequently the crucial distinction is the ability of the leadership to guide its employees as they venture into uncharted territory on a personal and corporate level.

Recognize how individuals will react to change.

Reducing the extent and length of lost productivity and morale is crucial for a leader to succeed during periods of major change. In order to achieve that, the leader needs to recognize and deal with the typical responses to change. Indeed, leaders have to be prepared for opposition. Leaders react to resistance so frequently with intolerance, annoyance, and exasperation. That will make others less receptive to change. Rather, the leader may help raise the possibility of readiness for and acceptance of change by recognizing and resolving opposition early and regularly. Workers need to feel understood and appreciated.

When things change, have patience.

The Rational Change Model, as we refer to it, consists of three stages of change inside an organization: Launching, gaining traction, and innovating. There’s no hurrying this procedure! Big or minor, changes are successfully implemented in large part because of the leadership that they possess. To assist your staff in moving forward, you must first ascertain which phase your team, department, or business is in. Keep in mind that you can be in each of the three phases at various locations inside the company.

Even while change is inevitable, some people find it unsettling and unsettling, while others find it exciting. It is a leader’s responsibility to foresee, manage, and ease transitions so that everyone ends up on the same page.

As a leader, I hope that this year will provide you both possibilities and challenges, enabling you to develop your team as you go into new phases.

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